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Yantai Hightite Chemicals Co,.Ltd

Products >> low albefaction low smell instant adhesive

low albefaction low smell instant adhesive

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Product Name: low albefaction low smell instant adhesive
Supply Ability: 100ton/year
Specifications 50ml
Price Term: fob
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 1111
Unit Price: 111
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Yantai Hightite Chemicals Co., LTD is specialized in the production of instant adhesive , it is also called quick-drying adhesive .It is one-component, low viscosity, transparent, and can be cured in just a few seconds. For most materials it have good adhesive ability, such as metal, rubber, plastic, leather, wood, ceramic, etc.
Product features:
1. The wide range types of products, enhancement mode, low smell type, low albefaction type, heat-resistant type.
2.Cured in the room temperature ,and it can be cured in just a few seconds.
3. High bonding strength.
Primer of instant adhesive HT770 match up with instant adhesive can be used for the surface treatment of difficult sticky materials (polyethylene, polypropylene), improve the surface activity of difficult material, increase the curing limits and the bonding strength . Instant adhesives accelerator HT712 match up with instant adhesives can greatly improve the curing speed.
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